About Tim Johnson and OZO Kleen

I started in the chemical industry in 1987 as a sales person with Rochester Midland covering central Iowa, Southwest Wisconsin and Northwestern Illinois territory.  After 2 years of continued increasing sales, I moved to Des Moines, IA with Rochester Midland to become a Regional Manager covering the states of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri training sales people in the chemical industry.  I remained in this position until 1988 where I left the company to start my own chemical company called Techni-Kem, Inc.


Techni-Kem, Inc. was located in Des Moines, IA where the main sales focus was selling cleaners to large Industrial and Food Processing manufacturers in the Midwest.  I did learn to formulate and set up a small manufacturing plant for these types of cleaners.  In three short years, Techni-Kem became so successful that I had the opportunity to sell the company to Lady Baltimore Foods and Century labs in Kansas City in the spring of 2000.


After the sale of Techni-Kem, I became a partner in a company called ChemStation of Iowa as an owner and general manager covering the state of Iowa selling industrial cleaners.  ChemStation is a franchise of the parent company in Dayton, OH where there are 44 branches throughout the United States.  I remained a partner until the Fall of 2004 where I sold my shares in ChemStation of Iowa and became the President of another chemical company in Waukee, IA called Chemtech, Inc.


Chemtech is a chemical manufacturing company that sells ‘Green’ and environmentally safe cleaners throughout the United States via a large distribution network.  I personally formulated all of the cleaners that Chemtech sells and plays an active role in helping their customers to become more aware of the impact they have on our environment via the discharge of waste water by using environmentally preferred ingredients or raw materials.  I grew the company from 3 employees to 15 over a 3 year period.

During my time as President with Chemtech, I was introduced to aqueous and gaseous ozone for cleaning of food processing plants from an equipment manufacturer in Omaha, NE.  I found that aqueous ozone alone did a great job sanitizing but in my testing I also found that the higher the ppm of aqueous ozone worked extremely well at breaking down protein based soils.  In the Food or Meat Processing industries, we use a Chlorinated Alkaline Cleaner (foaming or non-foaming) to aid the removal of Fats, Oils and Greases associated with the meats/ingredients.  Chlorine at 12.5% active (used as a standard in all competitive formulations) is used in these types of cleaners at 18-20% by volume or an equivalent of 9-11 gallons of 12.5% bleach (sodium hypochlorite) per 55 gallon drum. Bleach is corrosive on soft metals, it stains clothing, and has a definite harsh odor.  Since bleach is only in these formulation as an ingredient to break down proteins so they can be removed faster, I formulated my first ozone compatible cleaner by removing the hazardous bleach and using aqueous ozone with a proprietary blend of surfactants and cleaning agents to remove stubborn soils using less actual chemical.

I traveled the US searching for an ozone equipment manufacturer that could not only produce aqueous ozone in very high ppm, but was built well enough to handle the tough sanitation environments as well as hold up to 24 hour per day use.  Over a 3 year period I worked with 6 different ozone equipment manufacturers before I met John McClain from McClain Ozone in Napa, CA in 2008.  There was not one piece of equipment that I tested that would meet my expectations.

From the first McClain Ozone portable ozone system I tested, I noticed the many differences from the previous systems I worked with.  A standard McClain design is built for everyday use, has all safety features, uses a high output Corona Cell technology and produced the highest ppm of aqueous ozone in the industry. In the next 3 years we developed the Ozo Kleen Sanitation System utilizing the power of aqueous ozone and a complete line of foaming and non-foaming cleaners that work in conjunction with the quality of aqueous ozone produced by the new Ozo Kleen system powered by McClain Ozone technology.

John McClain and I formed a company called Ozo Kleen, LLC in 2016 to promote our proven and validated sanitation process of cleaning and sanitizing organically. We have manufacturing plants in WI and AZ and have distributors in the US and UK.

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